Industrial Control Panels

We build and maintain both simple and complex Industrial Control Panels for a wide variety of machines and processes. We understand the importance of high-quality control panels that meet all industry safety standards and requirements. Therefore, all of our control panels are UL 508A Listed and undergo rigorous testing and safety reviews on a regular basis to ensure that we remain in compliance. In addition to being UL 508A Listed, we are also in compliance with both NEC & NFPA guidelines. Certifying that our control panels meet all of these electrical and safety standards ensures that our panels are of the highest quality when they reach your facility.

We build standard, ordinary control panels that can fit a wide range of applications and systems; but we also build Custom Control Panels that are unique to your individual system or process. Custom Control Panels are created with your process, individual needs, and goals in mind. With our custom design capabilities, we can provide control panels of all sizes with features tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re an end user or an OEM, we have solutions for upgrading and modernizing your current control system or process. We can design and build a new control panel or retrofit an existing control panel at your plant.