About Us


Complete Control Solutions combines comprehensive and sustainable solutions with excellent customer support to meet the evolving demands of manufacturers seeking to grow.

We understand that automating one of your processes is a big decision and investment. From small programming jobs to large scale, distributed control systems, we have solutions to meet your requirements. Once implemented, our clients experience increased efficiency, cost savings, production, and enhanced safety from their new automated systems.


Service is the center of everything we do. We go above and beyond for our clients by bridging the gap between initial design plans and system installation. We provide a clear path toward automation and our team works with each client to complete a comprehensive, technical consultation. This helps to determine and analyze current and future production goals, as well as consider a system’s performance.
We’re in the business of long-term relationships. CCS is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Our best testimony is our returning customers. When our partners are ready to add another piece of automation to their process, they come back confident in the solutions that our team provides.


Communication is key.   Our experienced team is by your side from concept to completion; delivering personalized progress reports to ensure the project is on the right track. We pride ourselves on open and direct communication, collaborative planning, and being an accountable, strategic business partner that is fully vested in your success. Our team works closely with each client to ensure a transparent dialogue and comprehensive understanding of expectations. With this level of communication, our clients receive greater control over each phase of the process—so you can be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you please.


We take possibilities and create solutions. When you have a process you want automated, you need someone that understands your product, sees your vision, and comes up with a solution. Not only are our engineers highly-trained and knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines, they’re also continual learners. The equipment we build can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs or designed for a wide range of applications. They utilize expert analysis and engineering software to create tailored automation solutions specific to each client, tackling even the toughest design obstacles. Our engineers work together to ensure your project is a success. When you work with CCS, you’re not just getting the attention of one person on our team—you’re benefiting from our team’s collective knowledge.